You are probably wondering who I am and what I am all about, right? Well, that is a hard question to answer because I am a lot of things, but I will keep it short and sweet here. If you want to find out more about me, you will have to follow me on this journey.

First, I want to welcome you to my humble abode! Nice to meet you. I am Nakia; student nurse, fitness enthusiast, and naturalista. I am passionate about the greater good of humanity and helping women achieve their purpose. Simple.

I began this blog many years ago actually. I stopped after a while because I didn’t know what to write about or my capabilities of helping others, but here I am again. Right where I started, but this time is different. I am inspired by women like you–women who struggle with self-love and acceptance because I, too, struggle with the same thing.

This blog is a safe space for my self-growth and healing. Here you will find tips and tricks on natural hair, fitness, and self-love. If you are looking for a ‘lift-me-upper’ you have come to the right place.

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With Love,

Discovering Nik

P.S. Be kind, always. 

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