You’re Never Too Old To Change Your Mind

Growing up, I had this predetermined belief that once you make up your mind about your career, there’s no changing it. Right? You have already figured out the rest of your life.

WRONG. This idea left me stuck and unhappy. Causing me to question myself and everything else around me. It wasn’t even true!

If you are an eclectic spirit like me, and tend to love many things, you may have a problem making a decision.

Advice 1: Go with the flow.

Choose something that feels right at the time, but you have to make a decision. Remember that whatever decision you make will only bring you back to your truth, so there’s never a wrong decision.

Want to know why?

Because God is always guiding you.

Nothing is for certain. I learned that the hard way. After trying to “perfectly” plan my life, I left feeling drained, tired, and unworthy. Whatever expectations you are having that is causing you to feel stuck, it is because it isn’t your truth. It doesn’t align with your values and purpose. That is why it is so difficult to move through it.

Yes, there will be ups and downs to achieving what you want, but when you truly want it, it naturally doesn’t discourage you. You continue to move through that flow because it’s your purpose.

When you allow yourself to not make any changes, you prevent yourself from enjoying new experiences. Life is free. You are free, and have no attachments to anything or anyone in this world.

Move freely. You have the option to. You have the choose to.

Whatever free is for you is your truth.

Stand in your truth. Only you know the answer to that.

And remember… you’ll always end up where you are supposed to be.

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