New Year, Old You?

New Year, Old You?


I find it invigorating and inspiring when January 1st hits each year. At 12:00 am, after the endless kissing, champagne glasses, and smiling faces appear, you find yourself embracing the newness of the year. What are you going to do next? Will you make this year different? I have a horrible habit. I tend to create a goal and leave it when it gets hard. I hate that, so this year is all about creating small goals and going through with them. I have created a short list of the things that I could improve on. Hopefully you find it inspiring to do the same for yourself.

New Years Resolution 2017

  1. Workout weekly
  2. Join a dance club/studio
  3. Travel outside of the country at least twice
  4. Travel to a different state
  5. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  6. Blog weekly, whatever it is
  7. Plan accordingly
  8. Feel more, open up your heart
  9. Accept new friends but appreciate the old ones
  10. Do more, say less
  11. Learn to shut up sometimes
  12. Spend time loving yourself and learning what that means
  13. Let love find you. Worry about yourself.
  14. Finish this semester off with a bang
  15. Stay consistent. You got this! Stay consistent.
  16. Get closer to God
  17. Eat healthier
  18. confidence

As you see, sometimes you may have many goals to complete (as do I). I questioned if I could complete them all, and that is common. It is common to second guess ourselves when writing our passion lists/goals, and that is one of the things that I wrote on my list to change: number 18. Whatever your weakness is, maybe try working on it this year! After a while, we will get tired of making lists and not completing them. I am tired of taking things for granted and not reaching to my full potential. Life is too amazing and forgiving to waste time doing nothing.

I challenge you to write your list. It might be a few days or even weeks after New Years, but it is the new year, and it is time for you to change something in your life. Whatever it is that is bothering you, change it and work hard at it. This time next year, you want to scratch off everything off of your list, and if not everything, then at least some things. The purpose of this practice is to have something to look forward to.

Next year, when January 1st comes around, we will be more grateful that we did this for ourselves.

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