Learning to Get Over Fear | Nursing School Doubt

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Honestly sometimes I get so scared to think about nursing school.

There are moments when I am super excited and then I am super scared, but that is normal.

There is a difference when you make a goal and you do everything to get there, but when you are almost there, it is scariest thing ever. I could scream right now!!! I am so EXCITED!!!! In a year or two I will officially be done with undergrad and that’s weird. For 20 years, I have known of school. What would life be like without it?

I have passed the tests, I have failed way too many, I have re-did some things, I have partied less, like Omg!!! I am seriously applying to nursing school this year and I have a fear of failing the test again, but this time I AM PREPARED! So prepared that I asked a high school math teacher if she could coach me on it (hey don’t make fun. That’s actually smart…when you don’t have the money, you find the resources), so that’s what I did, and I will proudly walk my brown self up to her office this winter break and say, Please! Help me” because that’s what you have to do when you want something so bad enough.

I am not in love with every part of my career field, and I am not in love with every science class that I take. I hate Physics, it intimidates me, but I hate it because I do not understand it as thoroughly as others. That is the key to life. You will not understand everything that you do. You might be a queen/king at writing and not-so-good at math, but you are still as smart as the next person. These are the things that keep me going—that strives me to do the best that I can. So yes, I do get a little sad when I do not receive mainly A’s. I love A’s, but I am slowly realizing that I am not my grades.

Even if I don’t get into the school of my choice, I will find a school who chooses me because they feel that I am worthy enough. Maybe this school will not choose me because I am not “smart enough”, and that’s perfectly fine, because “another’s loss is another man’s treasure”.

This year, I encourage myself and you to mark off one of your goals. It can be something small as cleaning your bathroom to traveling to a different country. Whatever it is, make sure you do it. You got this. It is only an action that you have to take that will help you feel good about yourself. In the future, you will thank yourself, and more importantly, you will thank God for leading you in the right direction. Don’t give up like I did. If you do give up, try again until you get it. The worst thing someone can say is no, and if they do—honestly, who cares?


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